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Noor van de Voort Judith van der Valk Endy Kasanardjo
Masaki Shimakawa Rinie Huigen Roland Mathijssen Theo Rijks

Idris: fusion of Pop and Folk

All seven Idris musicians have their own backgrounds. Singer Noortje also sings in the progressive rock band In-Tension. Violin player Masaki plays in tango band Tango de Barrio. Rinie Huigen has a background ranging from progressive rock to mainstream pop music. Drummer Theo plays in Beez, a band that is just as difficult to describe as we are. Didgeridoo player Roland has taken the stage with top Australian didgeridoo players and occasionally gives didge workshops.
This wide mix of influences comes together in Idris, creating an atmosphere and sound that are hard to describe in words. It has to be experienced, it has to be heard, felt and seen.

Idris is:

Noortje van de Voort - de Boer  :  vocals
Judith van der Valk - van Diemen  :  vocals, flute, recorder, low whistle
Masaki Shimakawa  :  violin
Roland Mathijssen  :  didgeridoo, percussion
Rinie Huigen  :  guitars
Endy Kasanardjo  :  bass guitar
Theo Rijks  :  drums, back ground vocals, percussion 
Tjeu Horsch  : live sound engineer